Quick Lyme Facts

Less than 50% of people with Lyme recall being bit by a tick. I don’t ever recall a tick bite. How do so many people get infected without knowing it? Take a look at how teeny tiny ticks can be (check out that one bottom right!!):


Less than 50% of people with Lyme get a “bullseye” rash. Lyme is known as the “great imitator” because it can present itself with a wide array of symptoms that are often misdiagnosed as something else. Here are some symptoms of Lyme:


Additionally, the common test for Lyme, ELISA/Western Blot, produces a great number of false negatives! I consider myself so very fortunate to have tested positive and ended the mystery of “What is wrong with me?” very quickly.

Once you find out that you have Lyme, the trouble is treating it. The longer you’ve had it, the more challenging it is to treat. Most ticks that carry Lyme, carry other infections as well. These are infections most people have never heard of, with delightful and not-at-all scary sounding names such as babesia and bartonella. Many doctors still are not up to date on information about co-infections, and don’t even test for them! If co-infections are not identified and treated, patients can’t get better. Part of the reason those of us with Lyme all have different experiences with it, is the variety of co-infections that each of us may or may not have. Each co-infection has different symptoms and requires different treatment.


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