Ups and Downs

For those of us who have Lyme for an unknown amount of time before it is diagnosed, treatment is a long and winding road. Lyme is great at self preservation, and it fights back. It can adapt to treatments, stalling progress. It releases toxicity as it dies, causing the patient a worsening of symptoms. It can take a long time to kick, and kick the hell out of you along the way.

This week, I did some amazing things. On Friday, I completed several loads of laundry, and survived a record-breaking public meltdown by my nearly five year old. On Saturday, I changed bed linens, vacuumed, tidied, and atteneded a birthday dinner for a friend. On Sunday, I went to a family event that was over an hour’s drive away. None of these tasks sound very impressive on their own, but the fact that I was able to accomplish them all in just three days is remarkable. I was tired at times of course, but I did it.

And then I crashed.

Monday morning was a rude awakening. I had music class to teach, which I got through on a combination of sheer force of will, the oxytocin released by singing, and the fact that those kids are so darn cute. By the time class was over, I barely had the energy to drive the 5 miles home.

I took the opportunity to nap while my son was still at school, and the rest of the day has been spent in grip of the worst headache I’ve had in weeks. As the hours pass, the pain intensifies. It feels like my head might burst open.

Is this because I did too much this week? Is this a herx from my new protocol? Both? Hard to say.

All I can do now is go to bed early and hope tomorrow is better.


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