Why a Lyme Challenge?

I’m not big on internet bandwagons. I really don’t care for anything that includes tagging other people to call them out, or request their participation in something. But, when there is an opportunity to raise awareness about an illness that is misunderstood, and to raise money for much needed research that could change people’s lives, I’m in.

The #LymeDiseaseChallenge seeks to raise awareness about Lyme Disease and raise funds for research. Lyme Disease occurs annually at a rate of 141 times that of West Nile virus, yet Lyme Disease receives less than half of the funding for research that West Nile does. Lyme Disease occurs at 6 times the annual rate of HIV/AIDS. The CDC estimates that there are 300,000 new cases of Lyme Disease each year in the United States, 10 times more Americans than previously reported. Some experts believe the actual number of new cases could be as high as 1-2 million new cases per year in the US alone.

Thousands upon thousands of patients with Lyme are struggling to get better. If not diagnosed and treated immediately after infection, Lyme can cause health problems that take months or years to treat. So many people are just not getting better. What is needed is RESEARCH. We need to find out how better to identify Lyme disease and how best to treat it.

Please join me in the #TakeABiteOutOfLyme challenge and making a donation to ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) via www.lymediseasechallenge.org

Spread the word!


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