I have had some really good days, y’all!

On Saturday, my wife and I went on a date. We went to a nearby seaside town, poked around in shops, drank coffee by the water, and ate dinner out. We took it slow, and I needed some breaks for sitting, but I generally felt well. We had such a lovely time.  Sunday was another good day, and while I did need some extra rest, I was able to keep moving for much of the day.

Monday was a little shaky; Tuesday called for a proper nap and taking it slow. But today, Wednesday, was possibly the best day of them all!

I try to make it to yoga on Wednesday mornings. Before getting Lyme Sick, I went 1-3 times per week.  At my sickest, I can’t even show up. Over the last several months, I have missed a lot of weeks. Each time that do I make it to class, I never really know how it will go. There is so much I can’t do now that I could before. My body has weakened, and my energy is low. With my headaches and neuro problems, I am very limited in how often I can put my head down, which is part of a lot of yoga postures. Over time, I have learned to modify my practice for my limitations. No matter how little I can do, there is always something that is possible, and every little bit of stretching, breathing, and meditating that I can muster is beneficial. Well, today was my best yoga practice in months!! There was still plenty I couldn’t do. I still spent lots of time in child’s pose, but I felt stronger than I have in ages. And after class? I didn’t need a nap!!!

I ran an errand on the way home, and still didn’t need a nap! I put in a load of laundry, made lunch, and still didn’t need a nap! I did more laundry! As I started to put away the laundry, I started to clean out my winter clothes from my closet, and still didn’t need a nap! I did more laundry! I finished organizing my closet! I took trash out to the dumpster! I picked up my son from school, and…I still didn’t need a nap!!! I brought him to an after school activity. We came home and ate dinner on the back porch. We played in the back yard (with games modified so Mommy doesn’t have to run 🙂 ), and I still felt well!!

I didn’t start to feel pain in my head until 6:00pm, and even then it was only moderate. Hey, look at the clock – it’s after 9:00pm, and I’m still doing alright!

Time to quit while I’m ahead? Good plan. Good day. Good night.


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