Sick in the Head

As treatment breaks through the layers of Lyme Disease, some symptoms may subside, while other reemerge with a vengeance. I experienced that vengeance recently, with a surge in my neurological symptoms. This presumed herxheimer reaction went on for days and was, to say the least, not fun.


Not-so-invisible illness

I had constant droop face. The weight of the whole right side of my body felt like it was dragging me down to the ground. Anything other than laying down felt like work.

The tingling, to the point of a dull, deep ache in my right arm and leg, which sometimes stretches into my neck, was relentless. Whenever I have this pain, it is always worse at night and makes getting to sleep incredibly challenging. No position alleviates the discomfort, and ibuprofen doesn’t help, since it’s nerve pain.


Sick moms play board games in bed

The brain fog was thick. It was hard to communicate effectively. It’s a very difficult feeling to describe. When I feel this way, I have a hard time telling others what I am feeling. I have a hard time keeping up in a social situation. It’s like looking at everything through foggy glass. Of particular note was a night where I couldn’t even comprehend a game of checkers with my 5 year old.

Once the herx lifted, I felt much better, thankfully. I am finding a marked improvement in my headaches, which is encouraging! My energy has improved as well. I’m feeling a bit sharper. Creeping forward…until whatever comes next.


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