A Jinx and a Joke

At my last appointment,  we were reviewing my laundry list of symptoms and comparing to co-infection symptoms to make sure we weren’t missing anything. When we came to joint pain, my doctor asked, “Never had that, huh?” “Nope! What a weirdo!” I answered, knowing joint pain is one of the most common symptoms for Lyme patients. We all kind of shrugged. Hey, we’ll take it!

Guess what? SPOKE TOO SOON. Now, added to the tingling and nerve pain in my right limbs, I’ve got that signature Lyme Disease joint pain in my ankle, knee, and wrist. It’s like the spirochetes were listening!!


Do you see ears on those squiggly little bastards???

Later in the same appointment, as my doctor was looking over my file one last time, she said, “I still am so interested in this Epstein Barr result. I don’t think I’ve ever had a patient who tested completely negative. Never even exposed to it!.” Epstein Barr virus, for the uninitiated, is mono, aka Kissing Disease, aka what everyone got in high school! My wife was already laughing before I could answer, “Considering what I was getting up to in high school, it’s nothing short of a miracle!”

Thanks, I’ll be here all week.

(Really, though – I should get some kind of medal.)



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