Some good things happened!

About three weeks ago, I mentioned I would be starting regular nutrient infusions to help bolster my struggling immune system, and hopefully improve some of my symptoms. The infusions are not aimed at curing Lyme Disease, but at supporting my body through the all harsh medications it’s been subjected to, and hopefully alleviating some of my symptoms while I continue to fight to get better.

Ideally, these infusions would be weekly, but I live about an hour and a half’s drive from my doctor’s office, cannot drive myself to the office due to Lyme symptoms, and also: LIFE – it gets in the way sometimes!

I had only one infusion in July and it was right as I was getting over the Horrible Stomach Bug of 2015. It made me tired that day, as I was told it would, but I couldn’t report any other results. I had no concept of whether or not it made me feel any better Lyme symptom-wise because I was still completely beaten up from the stomach bug.

WELL, I am happy to report that I had another infusion yesterday…and I think it helped!


Me, yesterday. Nutrient drunk.

I lounged in the recliner chair, listened to music on my headphones, and catnapped while the IV bag emptied into me. I was super foggy after, and napped all the way home, thanks to my lovely chauffeur/wife. 🙂 I spent the rest of the afternoon taking it easy in bed.

I had trouble sleeping last night, due to my usual neuropathy and joint pain (which is now nightly) in my right limbs, in addition to some weird pain in my left limbs for the first time ever. (Not cool, left side. Not cool.) Yet, today…

I feel pretty darn good! Wahooooooooooooooooo!

I spent most of my day outside in the summer heat, which is often enough to wear me out, and still had the energy and wherewithal to run a couple of errands! I wasn’t just sitting around outside either – I was working on a project with a friend. My wife, son, and I are moving from the south suburbs to Boston in a few weeks (Have I mentioned that here? Lyme Brain.), and my friend and I are refurbishing some items for the new place.


Old lamp —> New lamp! Ooh, shiny!

I was even able to spend some time at the pool with my little guy after picking him up from camp.


Poolside snackin’ and loungin’ with this cool dude

So I’m going to go ahead and say, Nutrient Infusion: Success! I guess these IVs might be worth the $100 out-of-pocket each after all.

P.S. For anyone on the edge of their seat (see what I did there?) waiting for news on the butt injections, they are not going to start until September, after we move. I do not need to risk a Mega Herxheimer when I am trying to pack and move house, thankyouverymuch.


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