The world keeps turning

My boost in energy and reduced symptoms lasted for a few glorious days after my infusion! I started to slow down yesterday afternoon, and by this morning I was fully in crash mode. All day I have been mentally and physically exhausted. Everything aches, the neuropathy in my right limbs is nearing unbearable, and my face is drooping. I felt like I was walking through jello all morning until I got home from camp drop off and took a mega-nap. My right arm and leg are bothering me so much, it was hard to drive, and at dinner, I struggled to hold my fork. As I type this, my fingers are feeling cold inside.

The difference between me on Sunday, and me today is astounding. But more on that another time.

Today, I’m here to say that my son is having surgery tomorrow. Several weeks ago, we discovered that he has a hernia. It only protruded a couple of times, causing him pain, and then went back into place on its own, and hasn’t bothered him since. But a hernia it is, and the only way to repair a hernia is through surgery. Two years ago, he had his tonsils out, so we have some idea of what to expect. Putting your child under anesthesia is terrifying. We are fortunate the both the last time we did it, and this one, it is not an emergency situation, and is for a very routine procedure. However, it’s still scary. It is hard to send your child to an operating room. It is hard to wait in the waiting room, watching the minutes tick by. It is hard to see them in pain afterwards.

All of that stuff is hard when for a parent who is healthy. Tomorrow, I’m about to experience it in the midst of a “bad” stretch of Lyme life. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it. I know I’ll get through it on fumes, adrenaline, and Mama Bear strength. I know I’ll be more worried about him than me.

Life doesn’t stop for Lyme, that’s for sure.


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