Trial, Success, and a New Tool

So much of living with Lyme Disease is trial and error. Lyme attacks all body systems, and each person’s case is unique. Many doctors have different theories of what helps, and many patients have different levels of success with each treatment, drug, or supplement. So when something definitively helps, it’s pretty exciting.

When my neuropathy / nerve pain and Bell’s Palsy became unbearable in Decemeber, my doctor told me to restart Inositol, a supplement that targets the nervous system, which I had previously been on for many months. She also added two other supplements – a form of B vitamin and a lipoic acid. I have experienced vast improvement since adding in these elements!

The effects were gradual, and I was still struggling with fatigue and pain over Xmas and our subsequent travel, but I had good moments and was able to enjoy the holiday with my family.

IMG 122015_29

 So fortunate to feel well for some outdoor holiday fun!

The neuropathy and Bell’s are not entirely gone, but they are quite minor in comparison to the level they were at a few weeks ago, mostly activating at the end of the day, or other when I am really tired. In fact, I am overall feeling significantly better than I was throughout December. I don’t feel great, but I’m doing okay, which is a very welcome change.

I’ll be headed back to my doctor soon, and we’ll strategize next steps to help keep me on a good path.

Mentally, I’m at a place of feeling determined to get my life in order. Being sick for so long, going through these cycles of being debilitated, and feeling okay, over and over, I often feel out of control. Having memory and energy problems in particular make it feel really hard to maintain a grip on my life. In the past, I have used a method called Bullet Journalling to keep track of my schedule and tasks, and I’ve decided to get back into it!

A Bullet Journal is basically a completely customizable planner to keep track of anything you desire. I’ll be planning out daily tasks and goals, yoga classes to attend, and keeping lists of things I need to remember. I’m also using my Bullet Journal to record my symptoms on a daily basis, to help track how I’m doing Lyme-wise.


I already made some mistakes here, and I think I’ll tweak it some for next month, but it’s a start!

I’m tracking some habits as well, to try to get me into a routine of caring for myself and my home in a manageable way.

I’m hoping this tool will help me to feel more in control and provide a clear picture of how my illness is progressing.

As always, hoping for more good days ahead.



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