Another Day in the Lyme Life

Antibiotic pulsing continues. It feels like a productive path. I have very defined herxheimer reactions during week 1, then gradually feel better, typically ending with a stretch of feeling good, or even great, during week 3. It’s nice to feel something of a rhythm – a little more predictability.

I’m in a week 3 right now, which started as expected. I was feeling rather well. I noticed the improvement had started in week 2, a little ealier than my last time through the cycle. Apparently, an early start means an early end to the good stretch…


Today: a visual aide

I had hoped to feel well into the weekend. Lyme had other plans. I’ve felt myself sinking the past couple days, and I’ve finally crashed.

IV therapy today kicked my butt. I tried to grab a few things at the grocery on my way home, but didn’t last long. I got flowers for the table (I always like to have them when we have guests/family visiting, which we do this weekend), and a couple other items before I realized I couldn’t manage the shopping. I almost abandoned my cart in the aisle and left empty handed. I needed to sit down. No, I needed to lay down. I needed to be home.

It’s so disappointing to feel crappy on a day I hoped to feel well. I kept myself alert by singing loudly in the car on the drive home, and put myself to bed, where I ate my feelings in the form of ice cream.  (I don’t believe I have mentioned my recent cutting back on dairy, at the recommendation of my doctor. Big thanks to Ben & Jerry for having my back through this difficult time with their new dairy-free line.).

I managed to stay upright and awake while my kid played outside with friends after school, and he selected The Empire Strikes Back as tonight’s dinner entertainment / babysitter / survival strategy. Leia the Hut-Slayer kicking ass, even in an absurd bikini, serves as a pretty good  inspiration for overcoming obstacles.

I  am now counting down to bedtime, mentally and physically exhausted, face drooping as it is wont to do.

Another day in the Lyme life.