Still here

At the end of January one of my doctors gave me a referral for a new Lyme doctor. I have been having more downs than ups with my health for a while now, and my Lyme doc is kind of out of ideas for me. I never heard from the new doctor. I tried to call once, and they were closed.

Today I finally got my referral refaxed over, and got confirmation that it was received. They said someone would call me back to reschedule. When they called, they said the doctor has to review my referral paperwork before I can schedule an appointmeynt, so I should call back next week.

This isn’t really a big deal, it’s just another hurdle in a long line of hurdles. It’s just the way it goes when dealing with doctors.

I was struggling for a while before I went back to my doctor. Doctor gives referral, month passes, phone calls, more time passes. Finally think something is going to happen…get told to wait another week.

And how far away will the appointment be once I get to schedule it? And how many visits (to an office an hour away) will it take before we have a plan? And how long will it take before I start to see if the plan is helping?

More weeks. More months.

Sure, I’ll call back next week. I have a chronic illness with no known cure – it’s not like I’m going anywhere.